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Cobra with The Martyrcyle's Editor in Chief Jerry Smith

Cobra with The Martyrcyle's Editor in Chief Jerry Smith

This week on Scream Addicts, Jinx welcomes Jerry Smith back to the show. A past guest who chatted at length about Halloween 4 last year, Jerry has returned to talk about George P. Cosmatos’ action/horror Stallone vehicle Cobra.

A delightfully cheesy action film bolstered with some truly creepy stalk and slash sequences, Cobra inspires a chat which touches on why the film should be considered “horror”, the film’s curious beginnings as an early version of Beverly Hills Cop, and why Brian Thompson is one of the greatest of screen slashers. Along the way, we question the movie’s dodgy politics, praise the work of Dolph Lundgren, and…debate the merits of Rocky V?!

It’s a fun conversation with a great guest, and it’s one we hope you enjoy!

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