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Drag Me to Hell with Exists/Lovely Molly Writer Jamie Nash

This week on Scream Addicts, Jinx welcomes Jamie Nash to the show.  A writer known for his work on such films as Exists, Lovely Molly, Altered, and V/H/S/2,  Mr. Nash has chosen Sam Raimi’s underrated 2009 horror comedy Drag Me to Hell for discussion this week.

A critical and commercial success upon its initial release, Drag inspires a talk which looks at the film’s current status as a neglected gem, its ranking in Raimi’s horror oeuvre, whether or not the film’s lead is its hero or villain, and why Octavia Spencer should be in every horror film.

It’s one helluva chat with a great guest, and it’s one we hope you enjoy!

Drag Me to Hell (Blu-ray)



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