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Hip to Be Square

With David vacationing on Amity Island this week, your remaining hosts take a few minutes to catch up on their recent horror reading/viewing before cutting into Seth's pick of the week - Mary Harron's 2000 shocker American Psycho.

With its blackly comic sensibilities meshed with some truly horrific setpieces, the movie proves to be a hit with all three Addicts, who take a chainsaw to the film's themes, tear into its source material, and debate whether or not the movie's unreliable narrator actually committed any of the heinous acts on display in the film.

So cancel that reservation at Dorsia, don your plastic raincoat, and let our newest ep spatter you with blood and/or raspberry sauce!

...or, hell, just crank some Huey Lewis or Phil Collins or Whitney Houston or...

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  1. TheAngryLibrarian 20 June, 2016 at 16:41

    The comments box was telling me to feed it a kitten, but I’m fresh out of kittens so a comment will have to suffice.
    Great film with an awesomely dark/perverse book to back it up. I really like the idea of an American Psycho TV show similar in style to Dexter, though not sure who should play Bateman.

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