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It's Brian's choice this week on Scream Addicts, as he brings us the 2011 Joseph Kahn horror/comedy "craptasterpiece" DETENTION (Josh Hutcherson,Dane CookAlison Woods) .  With its breakneck pace and and mile-a-minute movie references, the movie is loved by two, enjoyed by another, and ultimately leaves a final Addict completely cold (spoiler:  it's Jinx.  Again.)

So kick back, hit play, and try your best to determine which is the better listen - this episode, or Hoobastank (...what? They're good).

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  1. TheAngryLibrarian 1 May, 2016 at 07:06

    Detention is a fantastic film! I’d never heard of it and wasn’t expecting much when got the DVD but I was laughing from the off and loved it. Reviewed it on my youtube thing, and all I can say is I want a time travelling bear, or Josh Hutcherson, either will suffice.

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