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RSV-P'd: The Invitation (2016)

With a Twitter poll having helped us choose this week's film, the Addicts find themselves tackling a recent horror release - Karyn Kusama's 2016 chiller The Invitation.

With its pressure cooker tension and bursts of shocking violence, The Invitation would seem an ideal choice for the gang to review...

Unfortunately, the constant MST3K-style lampooning the movie received from the bulk of our crew made Jinx see red, leading to a post-movie talk that was less than comfortable.

Nevertheless, your hosts manage to soldier on and chat about the film's merits, flaws, and the lead actor's astonishing resemblance to Tom Hardy.

It's intense, it's creepy, it's punctuated by nerve-wracking stretches of dead silence...and the movie's pretty grim, too.

So brace yourselves, brave listeners, as we invite you to do your very best to enjoy our newest ep.

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