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Scream Addicts Anniversary Episode: The Listeners Attack!

Scream Addicts Anniversary Episode: The Listeners Attack!

It’s our second anniversary here at Scream Addicts!  And to celebrate, we’ve invited on a handful of listeners to choose a horror film *they* love to discuss with Jinx. Joining us for this round of chats are Craig Sutherland, Carl Felty, Paul Farrell, Destiny McCulloch, Travis Williams, Christopher Tallmadge, and Ethan James.

From psychos to sharks, xenomorphs to werewolves, dream demons to undead brides, our listeners and Jinx cover several marvelous horror films for this very special installment!

It’s a great ep with loads of awesome guests, and it’s one we’re certain you’ll enjoy!

Be sure to click below and check out the following:

Craig’s Angry Librarian YouTube show

Carls Treasure Chest store

Paul’s Spooky blog

Travis’ Video Store Rejects podcast

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  1. TheAngryLibrarian 28 August, 2017 at 04:13


    Great episode, not just saying that because I’m in it, or am I? Some cool film choices, especially the Stepfather, such an overlooked movie, not watched it in a while but after listening to this episode I think I need to dig out my copy.

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