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Scream Addicts - Extra Fix: Best of 2017 with Scott “Foywonder” Foy and Matt Serafini

Scream Addicts - Extra Fix:  Best of 2017 with Scott “Foywonder” Foy and Matt Serafini

Straight from the crypt, he’s been hiding out in for the past two months (seriously, just listen to that cavernous reverb!), Jinx returns to ring out 2017 with his year-end Top Ten list.  Joining him are past guests Scott “Foywonder” Foy and Matt Serafini, who each provide some fun and surprising picks for their lineups of this year’s finest fright flicks.

Along the way, the trio somehow manage to chat about the upcoming Death Wish remake and the newest Star Wars, Fini expresses his surprise at Get Out’s rapturous critical reception, and Foy continually pesters Jinx to watch an abomination of a film called The Stoneman.  It’s a fun and lengthy chat with a great pair of guests, and it’s one we hope you enjoy as we see off this year.

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