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Scream Addicts: The Final Scream - Farewell Minisode

Sadly, it's true.

Soon you will be able to find the back catalog of guest episodes on our YouTube channel here.


Hey Scream Addicts! Brad here,

Thank you all for the kind words and, more importantly, for choosing to spend your time with us each episode of the show. All of our guests were a pure joy to meet and talk horror with, and we're glad to have offered a forum for everyone from the guests to the listeners to be able to fanboy and fangirl out over a genre we all love. Our absence will likely be a long one, and our decision to end here happened literally overnight. Sometimes you simply know when you know.

It was our pleasure to be able to create this for you and it has continued to grow to the very end. We were averaging around 4500 downloads per month for the last half of '17. I mention this for the benefit of other podcasters out there who listened to our show. It's very difficult to find information on how other podcasts are doing to understand where you stack up. So this means there are over a thousand of you listening to each episode over time - which is humbling.

In the studio, it's just Jinx and a microphone, with the guest on the other end of a Skype call. Recording a podcast is often a lonely endeavor to say the least. So during the times when we wondered if anyone cared what we were doing with the show, we had to think of a room filled with however many listeners we had the week before. In the earliest days, there were 20 people in the room, and that alone was an amazing feeling to us. The room slowly grew month after month until it expanded into an auditorium and now into a small concert hall - it's evident that people care. I urge all podcasters to use this thought experiment, it really helps. Each download represents an individual just like you and they are choosing to spend their precious time with you.

Also, I urge all of us listeners to not be shy and let your favorite podcasters, YouTubers, etc, know what you like about their content. We live for feedback because it's the only way to know which direction to go next. It’s up to us as viewers and listeners to help out our virtual friends keep our favorite content moving forward. Creators, it's just as important to keep the conversation going and reply back. This is something we did well with on Twitter, but not well with on other platforms. I'm really sorry about that.

Scream Addicts wasn't about trying to be the biggest podcast, it was about the content. It simply had to be. If you ever have the opportunity to grab Jinx and go to lunch or coffee, you’ll discover yourself in the middle of your own live episode of Scream Addicts. He’s a horror/film tome of information that is constantly being updated and revised. He has been that way since we met in college years ago. However, instead of simply offering essays on horror, or rehashing news everyone else had access to online, we wanted to offer something that added to the conversation. Hopefully, we came close to that mark.

We've always tried our best to respect your time as listeners, unlike this post, and didn't want to drag anyone along as we knew both Jinx and I were going to be focusing on very different things in 2018. We decided to end on a high note, and will gladly return if the opportunity presents itself and we can confidently do so with quality content and consistency.

Once the feed goes down around the end of the month, you will be able to find all of our episodes on our YouTube Channel.

Sorry for rambling so. We wish you the best in this New Year and encourage you to always bet on yourself with your own ambitions.

With Much Love,

Brad Bear

Producer - Scream Addicts

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