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Suspiria with Shock Waves’ Elric Kane

Suspiria with Shock Waves’ Elric Kane

On this week’s episode, Jinx welcomes Elric Kane to the show.  Cohost of both Blumhouse’s Shock Waves podcast and the new Pure Cinema Podcast, Mr. Kane has chosen Dario Argento’s 1977 horror masterpiece Suspiria for discussion this week.

The initial entry in what would become Argento’s Three Mothers trilogy, Suspiria inspires a discussion which touches on the film’s nightmarish atmosphere, our first experiences with Argento’s work, the Italian Hitchcock’s other films, and why Suspiria’s style is its substance.

It’s a fun episode with a brilliant guest about a respected Italian auteur’s capolavoro, and it’s one we hope you enjoy!

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  1. TheAngryLibrarian 15 April, 2017 at 11:15

    The first time I watched Suspiria I had to watch it again a few days later just to make sense out of it! Once again cool show Jinx, what are your thought on the upcoming remake? Have to say I’m kinda looking forward to it (though I will set my expectations on the lower side).

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