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The Fog with Actor/Producer/Director Matt Mercer

The Fog with Actor/Producer/Director Matt Mercer

With the Halloween season starting to wind to its inevitable close, Jinx welcomes actor/producer Matt Mercer to the show to chat about a seasonally appropriate horror film. Having appeared in such films as Madison County, The Mind’s Eye, Contracted and its sequel, and the upcoming Beyond the Gates, Mr. Mercer has chosen to discuss John Carpenter’s classic 1980 chiller The Fog.

With its gorgeous photography, grisly deaths, and stunning musical score, The Fog inspires an appreciative chat which touches on the film’s technical achievements, its great performances, the much maligned remake, and why Yul Brynner is in no way more terrifying than leprous revenants.

It’s a great, lengthy chat with a terrific guest, and one which we think you’ll enjoy if you’re a fan of The Fog, John Carpenter, or horror films in general. And once you’ve listened, make certain to let us know what your own Top 5 Carpenter Films list would be.

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