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The Last Man on Earth with Writer/Actor Nick Damici

The Last Man on Earth with Writer/Actor Nick Damici

This week’s Scream Addicts finds Jinx chatting with writer/actor Nick Damici.  Responsible for such recent films as Mulberry Street, Stake Land, and Cold in July, Mr. Damici has chosen to talk about the 1964 sci-fi/horror film The Last Man on Earth.

Adapted from the Richard Matheson novel I Am Legend, Last Man concerns Robert Morgan (played by horror icon Vincent Price), the titular character who finds himself in a world overrun by shambling, zombie-like vampires.  With its haunting tone and grim themes, Last Man inspires a winding talk which touches on the other film adaptations of Matheson’s novel, George Romero’s zombie films, the film’s interesting production history, and why CG is no substitute for practical effects in modern horror.  In addition, Mr. Damici chats about how Last Man acted as somewhat of an influence on Stake Land, and discusses the recent title change of the upcoming Stake Land sequel.

It’s an interesting chat with a fantastic guest, and one we hope you enjoy!

Make certain to tune in for the premiere of Stake Land 2 - Saturday, October 15th at 9pm on Syfy.

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