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The Werewolf of Woodstock with Scott “Foywonder” Foy

The Werewolf of Woodstock with Scott “Foywonder” Foy
This week, Jinx and special guest Scott Foy celebrate Thanksgiving by chatting about a cinematic turkey with no equal! A writer and reviewer who’s penned for such websites as Ain’t It Cool News, Creature Corner, and Dread Central, Mr. Foy - also known as “The Foywonder” - has chosen obscure ‘70s TV movie The Werewolf of Woodstock for discussion.

With its low production values, outlandish plot (Electric Werewolf!), and strange, shaggy charm, Werewolf inspires a discussion on the film’s strange story, its possible influence on Donkey Kong, the appeal of B-movies for Mr. Foy, Shin Godzilla, and…the Highlander franchise?!

It’s a fun podcast with a hilarious guest about a crazy film, and it’s one with hope you enjoy!

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